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Steel Impressions Steelband



Library Events

Library Events

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During this pandemic season, Steel Impressions has virtual programs that can be customized for your library.  As an Education and Entertainment company we are able to pivot our programs to reach the needs and desires of your patrons and live long learners.  We feature the Steel Impressions steelband in concert  performing authentic Caribbean music (calypso, reggae, and soca) on state-of-the-art steel pans.  We include a section of Q&A to give some history on the instrument, the steel drum and on the musicians featured in the program.


This culturally diverse family friendly and fun program is a great way to learn about Caribbean culture and heritage while enjoying music performed on the steelpan.   Steel Impressions' music will remind you of the tropical sun and soft beaches while in the comfort and safety of your home.


Our hour long event is engaging, informational, and fun for youth and adults alike. You will learn the history of the steelpan, experience renowned Caribbean tunes and popular music on the steelpan, and get to see the unique instrument up close!

Virtual Library Programs

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Steel Impressions has gone VIRTUAL!

  • Steelband Concert 

      An interactive 60-minute performance demonstrating the versatility of         the steelpan with performances of various genres of music. A brief               presentation of the steel pan history- how it is made, tuned and played,         and a segment for Q &A.

For more information contact us at 631-789-4308 

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