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It's a family thing!

How Did Steel Impressions Begin?


O.V.'s older brother introduced him to music at the tender age of three and by the age of six he was playing professionally.


The Solomon family has been playing together for over 25 years. Their children became members of Steel Impressions around the age of three. 


O.V. believes that every adult must teach children what they know in order to strengthen the next generation.

O.V. believes that musical ability or anything else a child does on a serious level at an early age naturally cultivates and develops into what they want to do in life. He calls it "transference of energy." 

First, let's introduce ourselves...

We are the Solomon Five!

Welcome to our musical lives.

Introducing the band:

O.V.- Bandleader, Double Tenor, Electric guitar 

Angella- Gitta Pan, Clave

Amire- 6-Bass, Electric Bass and Double Tenor

Seitu- Lead Tenor, Guitar

Tunisia- Lead Tenor, Vocals

Steel Impressions is a blend of steel pans and other musical instruments.

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