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Steel Impressions School Programs


In an abundance of caution and for the safety of the students, faculty and our musicians  we are currently not booking any in school events until it is safe to do so again.  Do check out our VIRTUAL program selections.

Steel Pan 101

Steel Band 101
Performance Type: Performance/Workshop
Program Length: 60 minutes
Grade Levels: Elementary - College
Main Art Form: Music Education

Using the family of steel pans, Steel Impressions will demonstrate the relation of these instruments to the piano, cello, bass and other melodic instruments. A brief music lesson will take place discussing the cycle of fifths and how the steel pan notes are arranged and tuned. A music concert and Q&A will take place to allow student participation and interaction.

Virtual School Concert

The Steel Impressions Steel Band Concert 

Performance Type: Concert
Program Length: 30-60 minutes

Grade levels: PreK -12 and College

Main Art Form: Music and Multicultural Events

The concert is designed to demonstrate versatility of the steelpan that was created in the Caribbean shortly after World War II. The steel pan is often mistaken for a percussive instrument because of it's design when in fact it is a melodic instrument. Steel Impressions will perform a variety of tunes such as classic Caribbean folk tunes, reggae, calypso, jazz and contemporary popular music. An appreciation for this unique instrument and all types of music is the goal of this concert.


"Steelpan in Music" Program

Steel Pan in School Music Programs
Program Type: Workshop, hands on demonstrations on the use of the steel pan in school music programs.
Program Length: 90 minutes
Grade Levels: Elementary - High School
Main Art Form: Professional/Music Development 

Applied knowledge and skills to create a steel band program or add the steel pan to your current band. This session will provide the administrator, teacher and students with hands on learning on how to use this extremely easy and versatile instrument and incorporate it in your current music program. Hand outs on the instrumentation and types of steel pans will be provided.    


Recycled! Reuse! The Creation of the Steel Pan

Recycled! Reused! The Creation of the Steel Pan
Program Type: Performance/Workshop
Program Length: 45 minutes
Grade Levels: Pre K-12, College
Main Art Form: Music, Science

Steel Impressions will provide the audience with historical information on the development of the steel pan in the context of using recycled material to perfect an instrument born out of struggle and resistence. Using regular household items the audience will get an idea of how to make a steel pan. A brief discussion on how the steel pan is made out of a 55 gallon oil barrel will also take place. After the discussion, music will be performed to show the versatility of the instrument. 


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